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Manufacturer of specialized spices, flavoring mixtures and combined preparations for the production of meat products

Established in the summer of 1993. is a registered limited liability company RIGANA with 100% private capital.

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is the first Bulgarian producer of specialized spices, flavoring mixtures and combined preparations for the production of meat products. The idea for the production of ready-made flavoring mixtures, occurs in 1992 G. in the section "Chemistry and biochemistry of meat" of the Institute of Meat Industry, Sofia. During one year, in competition with the representatives of large western companies, the specialists from the section gain the trust of some of the meat processors. In the summer of 1993. is a registered trade company RIGANA. Then in the country there are no traditions and specialists for the production of extracts, which are used for the preparation of flavoring mixtures. RIGANA hires specialists from institutes of BAS, with the help of which the first batches of extracts of a FITEX type plant are produced. The company participates in competitions for earmarked funds from the funds of the Ministry of Education and Science, twice won financial support, which guarantees through subsequent regular production. An important stage is the acquisition of your own building, in which to now carry out production, the commercial activity and the management of the company. The two-storey building on st. Philip Kutev 1, Lozenets district in Sofia, provides everything necessary for the implementation of the subject of activity.

That was the beginning.

With the development of the meat processing industry in Bulgaria, Rigana AD also expanded the number of served partners. The needs of our customers and our drive for growth, contributed to our strategic decision to expand the product range, to be able to comprehensively meet the needs and requirements of our partners.

Today Rigana AD offers more than 1700 product – own developments and those delivered by verified, proven over time external partners.
The annual growth of Rigana AD and the strategic goals - to expand the range and volume of products, to enter sustainably in other nearby markets, led to the decision to purchase new equipment and move to new, more functional base.

On 20.06.2016. started the implementation of project BG16RFOP002-2.001-0420-C01 "Improvement of the production capacity of Rigana AD".

From the end of November 2018 G. Rigana AD is housed in the new production base with completely renovated equipment, in line with the latest trends in the industry. Our new base is located in Kazichene, st. 3-you March 18, 1532 Sofia. The place has a convenient location between two highways, near the ring road of Sofia. Today we work not only with the market leaders in meat products in Bulgaria. We have flexible, individual approach to all manufacturers, regardless of the size and location in the country.
Our products and technologies are now successfully offered to customers in Greece, Romania, Serbia and Northern Macedonia.

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