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Phosphates are used to improve the quality of food. They have a wide range of action, which allows to maintain the best performance of food products. That is why their application in the food industry is extremely common.

The main role of phosphates used in food preparation:

  • preserve the juiciness of the meat
  • obtaining a good and homogeneous structure of the sausages
  • prevent the development of certain harmful bacteria in food
  • ensuring uniform fermentation of various pasta products, cakes and pastries during baking
  • ensuring homogeneity of dairy products

Are dietary phosphates dangerous to health??
There are many studies on the effect of dietary phosphates on the human body. Everyone has shown, that industrial food phosphates are non-toxic. They are absorbed in the same way as phosphates, which occur naturally in food products.

Types of phosphates: di-, three- and polyphosphates

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