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Dill seed

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Dill (Anethum graveolens)

Dill is an annual plant with a short life, which is used for seasoning dishes and as an ingredient in some medicines. Even the ancient Romans believed, that dill has a mysterious, miraculous power. The ancient Greeks demonstrated their wealth by burning aromatic fennel oil. The gladiators received food, abundantly seasoned with dill, to be strong and durable.

Dill has a strong aroma and sweetness, flammable taste. Improves salads, milk and mayonnaise sauces, marinades and cheeses. Used in the preparation of pickles, sterilized cucumbers, tarator. It is suitable for seasoning fish, of vegetable dishes (zucchini, fresh potatoes, green beans, cabbage), of lean soups. In some regions of Bulgaria the spice is used in the preparation of raw-dried sausages and sausages. For Swedes, dill is this, which for Bulgarians is red pepper - a national spice. Fennel salad awakens the appetite and promotes metabolism in the body.

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